Open source projects Using Nuxt

Nuxt v3

CSS Gradient Textopen in new windowCSS gradient text - Free online gradient text generatorgithubopen in new window
V-Storeopen in new windowBeautiful Open source StoreFront template built with Nuxt3.githubopen in new window

Nuxt v2

KodaDotopen in new windowNFT Marketplace on Polkadot funded as public good, written in Vue.jsgithubopen in new window
Sahemopen in new window[Arabic] A demo charity solution which helps poor people obtain expensive tools and equipments. Presented in the Ramadanathon event of 2021.gitlabopen in new window
We Are Apartmentsopen in new windowWe Are Apartments - helping people live in a home that's right for them.githubopen in new window
Holt Soundboardopen in new windowSoundboard app for all characters from the NBC show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.githubopen in new window
Lammpeeopen in new windowOld operating system as homepage.githubopen in new window
Muhaddisopen in new windowOpen Source Portfolio website based on Nuxt.js ✨ Moved from WordPress to Jamstackgithubopen in new window
n2exWeb app of v2ex built with Nuxt.githubopen in new window
ammobin.caMeta search site for ammo prices in Canada.githubopen in new window
HareApplication boilerplate based on Vue.js 2.x, Koa 2.x, Element-UI and Nuxt.js. 🐇githubopen in new window
moso.ioopen in new windowPersonal SSR and PWA portfolio by @mosoopen in new window built with Nuxt.js, Strapiopen in new window, and Brutalismopen in new window.githubopen in new window
VueBlogBlog system @wmuiopen in new window.githubopen in new window
DBAdventureSimple PHP and VueJs game where players embody a Dragon Ball character.githubopen in new window
NuxtDoc by StoryblokThe setup to build beautiful documentation with Nuxt and Storyblok deployed on Netlify for everyone - for Free.githubopen in new window
nuxt-elmFull-stack open source project based on vue2 + nuxt.Performance demonstrationopen in new window.githubopen in new window
vue-org-chartManage and publish your interactive organization chart (orgchart), free and no webserver required.githubopen in new window
OpaModern XMPP Chat Client for the Web. Built with Nuxt and Element UI.githubopen in new window
vue-soundcloudSimple SoundCloud client built with Vue and Nuxt.githubopen in new window
tota.skopen in new windowNPO in Slovakia cherishing the Rusyn culture. Built with Nuxt.js and Kentico Kontent.githubopen in new window
mute.vcMute investors on Twitter.githubopen in new window
Dutch Art Dailyopen in new windowA new Dutch Golden Age artwork displayed every day.githubopen in new window
Nuxt stitches for tailblocksopen in new windowA simple, fast web app to generate html based on a collection of commonly used user interface patterns.githubopen in new window

Nuxt v1

LibCrowdsCrowdsourcing platform built with Nuxt.js.githubopen in new window
gustavoHeadless blogging platform built atop Nuxt & Gist.githubopen in new window
2017 Rausch Family Christmas Cardopen in new windowmakes a digital Christmas card every year, and 2017's was built using Nuxt.js.githubopen in new window
PWA BuilderGenerate your Progressive Web App.githubopen in new window
5se7en.com5se7en's Personal website. Built with Nuxt.js,express,vuex.githubopen in new window
alainperrier.meopen in new windowPersonal SSR and PWA portfolio by @alainperrieropen in new window built with Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Laravel and TailwindCSS.githubopen in new window